Civil Engineering, and its related activities, are essential to the maintenance and development of a healthy and prosperous society. Indeed much of the work we carry out has a direct impact on improving the environment and social conditions for communities. However we recognise that our activities, and materials used, can have a detrimental effect in these areas.

The management of Centum Construction Services recognise the environmental implications of their activities and are committed to ensuring that high operational standards are achieved, improved upon and maintained to ensure a high level of environmental care. We undertake to monitor and revise where necessary, all of our procedures and practices which affect the environment, to ensure continual improvement and to prevent environmental damage and pollution.

The management will commit to: –

  • Comply with all relevant current environmental legislation, industry standards and other requirements which relate to our environmental aspects; and will ensure that all staff and operatives are equally aware of the commitment.
  • promote environmental awareness, practices and procedures throughout operations and ensure that operatives and subcontractors are suitably trained in environmental issues where necessary.
  • provide communication channels both to pass relevant environmental information to staff, and to allow staff and external bodies to communicate effectively with management.
  • Provide adequate financial and physical resources to meet this policy and maintain an Environmental Management System which conforms to ISO14001:2004.
  • Sustainable development through a commitment to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Actively seek to reduce waste through re-use, recycling and by purchasing recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable.
  • Arrange for all materials to be handled and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, to minimise environmental damage and pollution.
  • Cause the impact of the Company’s operations on the environment, the local community and the general public to be controlled in such a manner that the short and long term effects are minimised.
  • Promote and develop improved standards and methods of working, to ensure efficient use of construction materials  and energy; and to minimise waste.
  • Seek opportunities to reduce impact through the sourcing and procurement of materials and services.
  • Accommodate customer environmental requirements and standards within established practices and procedures.
  • Establish objectives and targets and track progress against these in order to drive continual improvement of environmental performance and prevent pollution.

We all have a personal responsibility to maintain and improve the environment in which we live.

This Company expects all of its personnel and partners to contribute to the fulfilment of this Environmental Policy.

All new employees  are issued with a copy of the policy on joining the company.

A copy of this Policy shall be made available to members of the public on request.