The importance of good health and safety is evident to anyone who has seen the consequences of health and safety failure. Those who suffer most are the injured, the ill and the bereaved, but all of us lose from poor health and safety: employers and employees, consumers, and the providers of public services. The cost of accidents in this country is billions each and every year, therefore society and the nation at large cannot escape paying for accidents in some way.

Anybody employed by Centum Construction Services has a responsibility for safety. Safety is the responsibility of all Directors, Managers, Staff, Operatives and Sub-Contractors. Each and every one of us must be vigilant and careful at all times to avoid unnecessary and unwanted accidents.

It is only by us all giving careful attention to both the theory and practice of safe working that we will succeed in achieving our objectives. This attention has to start well before operations commence on site, throughout the construction process and, finally, during the period when our clients/customers are in occupation and whilst we are still carrying out our work. Only by giving safety a high priority at all times can we ensure that our colleagues, the general public and ourselves are protected from the hazards that exist on construction projects. Experience tells us that we plan in advance for our work to be carried out in a safe manner. If we do not ensure that the work is conducted in accordance with that plan, then serious, even fatal, accidents will inevitably result.

Centum Construction Services limited remains focussed on developing a positive and proactive health and safety culture, not only for our own staff, operatives, but also for our suppliers and sub-contractors.

This health and safety policy is the first step to accident prevention in the workplace. Please ensure you all read the policy and place the content at the forefront of your thoughts when planning and executing your operations.

This document has therefore been prepared to define the way Centum Construction Services Limited intends to manage Health and Safety and meet its obligations under section 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and OHSAS 18001:2007, which requires an Employer to prepare a statement of general policy with respect to Health and Safety of employees and the organisation and the related arrangements set-up to carry out the policy.

The ultimate responsibility for formulating and implementing this policy lies with the Managing Director.

Statement of Intent

The Board of Directors Centum Construction Services Limited fully accept their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (and Regulations made to support it), will ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, their employee, Health Safety and Welfare at Work and any other persons who may be affected by the Company’s work activities and to:-

  • Provide adequate resources to maintain health, safety and welfare.
  • Carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessment and review as required to maintain Health and Safety.
  • Provide and maintain systems of work, which are safe and without risk to health.
  • Establish arrangements of the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances provided for use of work, which are safe and without risk to health.
  • Maintain a competent workforce inline with recognised certification schemes
  • Provide information, instruction, induction, training and supervision as is necessary to maintain Safety and Health at work and that of others who may be affected by their actions.
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety and encourage the participation of all employees in improving health and safety standards
  • Ensure that all plant, machinery and equipment is maintained in a safe condition and without risk to health.
  • Keep workplace safe and ensure that access and egress are safe and without risk.
  • Make adequate provision and arrangements for Welfare Facilities at Work.
  • Provide a framework for setting and reviewing Health and Safety objectives and targets
  • Monitor Safety Performance to maintain agreed standards and strive to continually improve safety performance.
  • The establishment of the organisation having clearly defined responsibilities for implementing the policy and monitoring its effectiveness.